Bar Raval Experience

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Spanish, Tapas Bar

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505 College St., Toronto, ON

Bar Raval Experience

Bar Raval has become one of Toronto’s most unique interactive eating experiences. Pintxos, the little brother of tapas, are small finger foods served at bars and taverns throughout the Basque Country; they are quintessential Basque and form the backbone of the local food culture. Victor Dries is excited to offer this unique experience for the first time ever outside the mahogany wrapped walls of Raval.

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Although similar to tapas, generally speaking, pintxos are smaller. The name comes from the Spanish verb “pinchar,” meaning “to poke or stab.” Historically, pintxos would be served on a small slice of bread, skewered through the middle with a toothpick. However, with the evolution of Basque cuisine, pintxos have become much more diverse and these days only some are pierced to a bread.  Cover your tabletop with a colourful bounty, trust your eyes & pick what look’s best.

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