Grant Van Gameren

Ever wanted to have a pro chef teach you the tricks of the trade? Book Grant now for an intimate Chef Experience

Gather your friends for a feast they’ll never forget. Grant serves up an intimate Spanish experience like none other in your very own home. Learn the secret to the perfect ceviche and other Bar Isabel classics while Grant shares stories of his travels throughout Spain.

Indulge in table-side jamon carving or watch in awe as Grant grills an entire octopus. Discover the unparalleled taste of cantabrian anchovies, boquerones, marinated mussels and the prized cockle.

Grant is revolutionizing the Toronto dining scene, with trendy west end restaurants that produce lineups around the block

– Courtney Shea, The Globe and Mail

As a finishing touch, Grant will also select his favourite wines and Basque ciders to accompany the various dishes. This is sure to be a night to remember as you get more than just the opportunity to have Grant cook for you, you can have dinner with him too.

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