Team Building

Tired of by-the-book corporate exercises? Looking for a fun, unique way to bring your staff together? Or perhaps you’re seeking a way to reward your team with an evening that’s more elevated than tequila shots and cafeteria-level fajitas? We can help you create a unique experience that fits the needs and size of your team.

As successful business owners ourselves, we find that the best results come from unconventional events that offer a blend of creativity, practicality, and a healthy dose of excitement. Our events will bring you and your team together through the universal love of food and drink, while helping strengthen relationships through shared learning experiences. Participants will not only have a great time together, they’ll also walk away with a new culinary skill such as bartending basics or the ability to make fresh pasta. All materials are provided. You need only to bring your team and an adventurous spirit!

Sharing great food with a great team

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