4 Excellent Ideas for a Catered Birthday Party

Birthday parties are among the events that kids eagerly wait to attend. They’re also equally excited to celebrate their own birthdays and invite their friends to the party. After all, a birthday is one of the occasions for the kids to have loads of fun. When the big day arrives, they’re so thrilled that they can’t wait for the party to begin. If you’re a parent, managing the party and taking care of the food can be challenging.

However, you can make your child’s birthday party memorable by hiring a professional caterer for the event. Such catering companies have years of experience in managing such events. So, they’ll be able to give you some ideas for the catered birthday party. Here are some of the ideas for a catered birthday party to make the event extra special:

1. A fantastic pool party

If you’re celebrating your child’s birthday during summers, the best idea would be a pool party. Having a swimming pool in your backyard would be really helpful. If you don’t have such an option, you can book an appropriate venue for the event with a swimming pool. Swimming is something that kids enjoy and you can also add some fun and entertaining options to it.

You might, at some point, consider preparing the food yourself if you have a grill. This can put you in an embarrassing situation if you’re not experienced enough to prepare food for such events. It is, therefore, the best option to have a caterer manage all the aspects related to food.

2. Party in the park

There are parks that have certain spaces reserved for picnics. You can utilize such spaces to celebrate your child’s birthday party. Professional caterers can handle the parties hosted in parks pretty well. There are some fun elements that you can add to the birthday party with the help of your caterer.

They include an ice cream cart and a nacho bar. The classic hot entrees such as cheese ravioli and chicken tenders can be the options in main dishes.

3. Entertainment

Entertainment is what makes a birthday party memorable. An experienced caterer would give you some valuable suggestions with regards to the options in entertainment. One of the popular forms of entertainment for birthday parties is a magic show.

Another great option for kids’ birthday parties is a comic performance that involve clowns. You can hire a DJ for playing some great music that the children would love. Besides this, you can also choose from several other forms of performances and entertainment shows.

4. Cotton candy machine

Having a cotton candy machine at the birthday party would be a brilliant idea. Cotton candy machines always add that festive touch to the events. If you don’t like the idea of having a cotton candy machine, you can opt for something else. If you’ve hired a professional catering company, its staff would know all the tricks of the trade.

Some of the staff members can suggest you many other alternatives to the cotton candy machine. They include a hot dog stand, popcorn cart, pretzel stand or a snow cone cart.

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