Including Healthy Food Options During an Event

In recent times, you’ll come across very few individuals without an allergy or food sensitivity. There are many who prefer only a certain type of food. Among them are the vegans, the diabetics, and those who avoid gluten. So, it’s obvious that you’ll have to consider these food preferences of guests while planning an event. This adds to the pressure that you already feel while deciding on a menu for the event and a caterer.

You then ask yourself if it’s necessary to include a few options for the health-conscious folks. Well, it depends on several factors. Most importantly, you’ll need to hire a professional catering company that would take care of all your requirements. While discussing the menu with your chosen caterer, you might want to consider a few aspects:

1. Food preferences

It’s almost impossible to know the dietary restrictions of every single guest who would be attending the event. However, you can use your knowledge and the demographics of your guests to plan the choices in menu accordingly. Generally, women are more likely to choose the health-conscious options. Men mostly prefer such options only if they’re suffering from an ailment or allergy.

If you’re planning an event for women, the health-conscious options would get a lot of appreciation from them. Another interesting fact is that baby boomers are easier to please than the millennials. This is because the millennials are likely to have more dietary preferences. These are not some rules to be followed, but they’re worth considering.

2. Occasion

The guests at a BBQ or tailgate party would prefer eating hotdogs and hamburgers. If it’s for lunch or tea, the guests would like to have a lighter fare. Most of them tend to assume that they’ll be provided with the healthy options. It is, therefore, important to know that the occasion usually dictates how health-conscious your menu should be.

Having the health-conscious options in the menu would be essential if it’s a health-related event. A yoga retreat or a seminar on healthcare are the examples of such events.

3. Diversity

If you’ve hired a professional catering company, the staff would provide some valuable suggestions. They can suggest some foods while planning a menu that would please a diverse crowd. For example, your caterer can include an option for green salad in the menu. The higher calorie toppings and dressings can then be added.

In this way, the health-conscious guests can still have an option to enjoy their favorite food if they want. The simple preparations of fish and chicken can be served along with some sauce on the side. A side dish can be arranged for those who watch what they eat but still long to indulge occasionally.

Finding a good catering company is important

You don’t need to worry about the food for your event if you’ve hired a good catering company. Such caterers generally employ staff with a considerable amount of experience in handling these matters. The ones among them who are food experts can give you some excellent advice on the best options.

Professional catering companies know about the dishes that are popular with different crowds. In order to meet the needs of your guests, they can make the necessary modifications or adjustments as well.

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